Why was TALinked (Trade Association Linked) created?

As with other great ideas it was born out of frustration. International business consultant Richard Biggs and Jorge Torralba - a veteran hard-core techie, found themselves both living in Oregon some 25 years after first becoming friends in Florida. After discussing the frustration of finding good professional help they knew they had an idea worth exploring.

Richard had been advising exporting companies for almost 20 years on strategy but was constantly frustrated with locating the other professional help an expanding exporter would need. As a member of the US District Export Council he was able to tap into resources available through the US Department of Commerce and the eight U.S. Commercial Service Networks. However, this is mostly fraught with difficulty – dealing with the US Government, or indeed any National, regional or local Government agency is not easy. Government agencies have good intentions but are typically mandated to help any company that asks. Their commercial officers are overwhelmed and unable to devote large amounts of time to any particular company. Government sourced information is often dated and because it needs to be ‘general’ in nature it is often not specific enough to be helpful.

TALinked has lots of friends in Government agencies around the world and we promote them on our site, however we were created out of the frustration of dealing with outdated information, disparate knowledge centres and painful delays in obtaining accurate information that exporters need. This is where Jorge's programming abilities kicked in – in the beginning he single-handily wrote thousands of lines of code to make TALinked a tool for any company around the World to learn about potential export markets and to connect with credible service providers. Our team has grown substantially since then but the idea of connecting exporters with good help remains constant.

What is is an online directory of Business Service Providers from around the World. Our directory is the only place on the internet where exporting companies can locate and connect with Global Business Service providers based on location and from over 200 service categories – all easily searchable. is where companies come and ask questions, browse our extensive library of documents, find a service provider who offers a fixed fee service, learn about an event (seminar, webinar, trade show, network event etc) and find a professional service provider to help them expand their business internationally. We’ll even show you reviews of their service, the trade association they may belong to and any knowledge they have agreed to share with you.

There is no subscription fee or cost of any type to an exporter – everything on is FREE to exporters.

Are you new to exporting?

Stop wasting precious time searching the web for help, not knowing if companies are qualified to assist you in your industry and export market. TALinkeduide is a FREE resource that quickly connects you with service providers, trade associations and the knowledge you need - wherever you are going.

Manage a professional services company?

Locate new clients around the world easily and inexpensively. Promote your firm, share documents related to your service and tell the world about special events you have organized. TALinkeduide will help your business expand it’s online footprint because we are loved by all the search engines – we generate a great deal of new and original content. 

You can list your business for FREE and its super easy to create your business profile – in whatever language you want. Pick one of our premium plans and add a large number of enhancements that will make locating new potential customers around the globe even easier.

We appreciate your Suggestions

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Your feedback, suggestions are always helpful to us to improve. We highly appreciate your suggestions and request to provide us the same. We have recruited team members based on great suggestions - please provide your feedback/suggestion at: