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The Japan-America Society Of Alabama
Birmingham , United States
Member since: 2020-03-06
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The mission of the National Association of Japan-America Societies is to strengthen cooperation and understanding between the peoples of Japan and the United States by providing programs, services, and information to and facilitating cooperation among its member societies throughout North America.


The NAJAS Leadership and Officers of the Board will:

* Serve as an advocate and spokesperson for the Japan-America Society network to key external groups and individuals from the US and Japanese governments, as well as Japanese and American business, non-governmental organizations, universities and think tanks, foundations, and others, and seek support as appropriate

* Provide information on programs, speakers, activities, events and funding sources to member societies. Offer quality programs to NAJAS member societies in support of the mission.

* Serve as an information resource about the Japan-America Society network and the US-Japan relationship at the grassroots level

* Facilitate cooperation and information sharing among the Societies to include providing managerial support, mentoring, advice, and guidance to members as appropriate

* Organize regional and national meetings to facilitate information and idea sharing

*Cultivate and enhance relationships with America-Japan Societies and the National Association of America-Japan Societies (Japan).

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The Japan-America Society Of Alabama

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