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What did you do today that is not work related ?

Category: Pub Talk

Posted: 05-27-20 10:09 PM - Views: 289

By: J T

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Today, I took the day off and drove my project car down to the coast on a beautiful Oregon day.  The one positive thing about Covid is the streets are less congested.


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Reply Nr.5 from J T on 07-21-20 3:02 PM

Going to float the river this afternoon!

Reply Nr.4 from Richard Biggs on 06-23-20 11:51 AM

bought a tent, sleeping bags and portable stove - yes the family unit is going camping - assuming we can find an open spot - camping seems popular these days!  I must be mad

Reply Nr.3 from Christian on 06-20-20 9:57 AM

Was expecting a good weekend for star gazing but the rain is back :( This is getting bad. First day of summer and rain, rain rain.

Reply Nr.2 from Christian on 06-12-20 12:02 AM

Today was a rough day. The pollen is making life miserable for me. So, I stayed indoor most of the day and started prepping a telescope for astro photography on our next clear night.



Reply Nr.1 from Melinda Schmiedeknecht on 06-10-20 4:32 PM

Beautiful car! Today I dyed chair cushions :)

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