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Seattle City Council approves 'JumpStart' tax on big businesses

Category: News

Posted: 07-7-20 8:33 AM - Views: 180

By: J T

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The Seattle City Council on Monday passed a new tax on big businesses with highly paid employees that would help provide relief during the city's coronavirus recovery and create more affordable housing moving forward.


The"JumpStart Seattle" Tax, proposed last month by Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda, would apply to businesses with annual payrolls of $7 million or higher with employees who make $150,000 or more annually. The tax is expected to raise more than $200 million a year.


Entire article is here


What do you think? I personallythink that if a City cannot provide the service taxes are paid for, they shouldn't raise taxes. Especially on business which employee many. If a business is paying taxes for Police service, it should be provided when needed. Seattle abandoned it's responsibilities in the wake of all the rioting and now they want more $$'s.


Just food for thought.


How long before Amazon says Adios, Seattle.

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