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What can companies do to stop the intellectual theft by China

Category: General discussion

Posted: 07-17-20 9:03 AM - Views: 359

By: J T

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We hear it all the time. China is stealling our intellectualy property. Yet not much is done about it. Yes the current administration is taking a much harder stance than previous ones on the matter but is that enough? 

The latest not so much intellectual thievery but a blatant design snatch by China just shows how bold and daringthey are. Ford just introduced the new Ford Bronco 4 days ago. Already the Chinese automaker have mocked it up.

And this is just one of many examples ... 


Here is a Land Rover snag as well ...


When will countries stand up and say enough is enough?


Replies ...

Reply Nr.5 from J T on 07-22-20 8:43 AM

I think this subject should be kept alive so people can see what the worlkd is dealing with. Just saw this article this morning

Reply Nr.4 from J T on 07-21-20 12:15 PM

Is there no end to this? Now they are trying to rip off Covid research.

Reply Nr.3 from Christian on 07-18-20 5:45 PM

I personally try to buy products made anywhere but China. I am now seeing a lot of items which I suspected were made in China now being made in Mexico.

Reply Nr.2 from Rose Marshall on 07-17-20 5:09 PM


We all know the foundation from which China has the nerve to address major brand-stealing. They have no fear of reprisal, especially with the US's loss of allies, there is no coordinated effort serious enough to confront China's action. 

They have a long term view on their misssion to expand across all SE Asia, replacing goods & brands from US/UK/EU with China-brands.  For example, looking at their expansion in the S China Sea with new islands, the new military build up in the region, etc. theirs are massive and coordinated strategies. 

Unfortunately, Trump did not set us up to win by his naive confrontation. His style is not to address the actual cause (IP theft) but to make it a bigger and more elusive issue (creating a trade war).  

My business collegues started to find new sources of components over a year ago and many are now fully out of China. 

Would love to hear others' opinions!  What do YOU think, dear reader? 

Reply Nr.1 from Richard Biggs on 07-17-20 11:32 AM

I dislike Donald Trump, I am not happy with what he stands for or the way he has behaved in the White House. As a citizen of another major trading country I can say with a qualified view that Trump is disliked around the World and many countries and companies prefer doing business outside the US.  BUT, and this is a massive BUT - I have to say that Trump is the only global leader in my lifetime of 50 years to have spoken up (loudly) against the obvious criminal activity of China and Chinese companies. 

According to a recent 7-month investigation from the United States Trade Representative, ­after a recent 7-month investigation, "Chinese theft of American IP currently costs between $225 billion and $600 billion annually." Considering the US exported $319 billion to the entire EU last year - this theft is a big number.

Ford is a global company, been around for a long time, has built up a lot of expertise from being in business a long time. I was shocked to learn that a Chinese company called Wey - a firm in business for just 3 years has showcased an SUV that looks very close to the new soon to be released Ford Bronco - a vehicle that has taken years and a great deal of money and expertise to create.  This is just wrong.

A great deal of China-bashing goes on these days and unfortunately for them much of it is deserved.  Japan has earmarked $2.2 billion of its record economic stimulus package to offer financial incentives to Japanese companies to pull out of China, maybe other governments around the globe will take this bold step also. 

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