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Returning to the office & the new normal - what are you most worried about?

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Posted: 08-5-20 7:35 AM - Views: 666

By: Kate Jolly

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As we return (safely) to the office, what are you and your employees most worried about?

As a CEO with teams across the world, I am very aware that the employees who left the office in March may not be the same as the one's returning, due to loss, mental health issues, worries for their future and some being at home with young families OR equally being isolated from their loved ones.

How are you changing/developing your operations in the new normal?


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Reply Nr.3 from Mostansar Virk on 08-20-20 11:36 AM

I personally am enjoying working from my home office. It provides a few benefits:

  1. no time wasted on driving
  2. no wear n tear on the car
  3. more relaxed throughout the day to deal with real work issues
  4. no office politics

But there are also some negatives. For example, I don't want to meet clients / coworkers in my home. And sometimes face to face meetngs are required!


Reply Nr.2 from Richard Biggs on 08-7-20 8:43 AM

I think firms will report problems such as managing employees who cannot telework; maintaining morale and cohesiveness in a remote environment; overseeing employees and their work; and dealing with unplanned technology costs, connectivity issues, and concerns related to cybersecurity and the safeguarding of client data (assuming they are in the professional services / tech space)

This "new normal" is anything but normal, and information and best practices about how best to structure return to the workplace and how to safely behave in the workplace will likely change frequently.

Firms will need to be flexible and responsive as information and best practices regarding the pandemic are updated by local governments, the World Health Organization (WHO), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the org in different countries.

Now, more than ever, management needs to be thoughtful and compassionate when dealing with the myriad of feelings employees will have as they contemplate returning to the office. Employees may be feeling anxious about being in the office surrounded by others; or due to personal or medical reasons, they may be unable to wear a mask; or perhaps they are considered at risk themselves or have an at-risk family member in their household.

These are uncharted waters and trying times for employers and employees alike, and a more delicate approach may be necessary when dealing with employee issues related to this pandemic.

Reply Nr.1 from J T on 08-5-20 12:08 PM


This is agreat topic. I have been working from home since March and in my new position it will be the norm. 100% remote now.

If I had to go back to the office, there are quite a few factors that would really be downers for me.

1. I would lose 2.5 hours of my personal time every day commuting to and from the office.

2. I would have to pay $350.00 month for parking

3. I would spend $300.00 per month in fuel

4. I would be spending more on lunch and late dinners

5. I would contribute to more polution and environment woes.


As a company, If you can afford to have remote employees, the benefits are plentiful.


1. I can see substantial savings on real estate 

2. Liabilty costs would go down

3. Hosting team meetings can be costly when providing food for many


These are just the ones the come to mind.

As technology advances, I see the virtual meetings more reliable and manageable.

We realy heavily on Slack which provides a great wayto communicate, share content, and host group video and audio meetings.

Other tools such as webex, blkue jeans provide similar functionality.

I refuse to use Zoom because of it's ties to China and they invasive practices China uses to listen in. I would never hare or discuss anything proprietary on a call where China has a big stake in the service provider.


Anyway, those are my two cents.

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