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Would you setup business in Portland, Seattle etc ...

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Posted: 10-5-20 8:48 AM - Views: 476

By: J T

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In lieu of all the ongoing violence and disruptions in these major cities, some companies have decided to leave and rebuild in other cities. Having said that, If you were considering establishing business in one of these metropolitan areas in the news recently, would you reconsider at this point? What impact has the lack of governing had on future prospects and revenue for these cities? I just read that Amazon is relocating thousands out of Seattle and some major businesses in Portland are not coming back. 


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Reply Nr.2 from J T on 06-6-21 4:20 PM

Things are looking pretty bad for Portland these days. I wouldnt hold my breath.

Reply Nr.1 from Richard Biggs on 10-6-20 2:44 PM

With no shortage of challenges, 2020 has emerged as perhaps one of the most difficult years of our lifetimes. I was encouraged to read the annual Washington State University Business in the Northwest report.   It shows that despite facing significant hardships, business leaders remain optimistic about the region’s future, and are confident they have the skills and resources needed to withstand the current crisis.

Focusing on the positive

According to the report cited above, Idahoans in particular feel good about the future of business — with 94% reporting that they are optimistic about the business climate in the PNW over the next 3 years compared with 81% of those in Oregon and 76% of business leaders in Washington. Idahoans are also most likely to feel a positive impact on their personal life, including having more time to do things they enjoy (89%), feeling motivated to pursue personal passions (89%), having a better perspective on what is most important in life (83%) and feeling more hopeful and optimistic overall (83%).

In this together

The recent challenges faced by our region have provided our business leaders with an opportunity to show they care about their employees and the community.  Naturally, during these tough times, leaders should be feeling they have an increased sense of responsibility to support their employees and communities.

I have heard many encouraging stories about PNW business leaders who have made changes to their employees’ work hours by allowing flexible hours, capping the number of hours employees work and so forth. Companies should be applauded as they provide new work equipment (84%), parental support resources, mental health support and other valuable and appreciated items.  It all adds up to why employers in the PNW are held in such high esteem around the country and the globe.

PNW is embracing the new normal

Our business leaders have already proved they are adaptable to the many operational challenges brought by the pandemic, riots, fires, Brexit and more. Transitioning to a remote workforce has been one of the biggest changes the business community has seen in years. I don’t see teleworking stopping after the pandemic is over.  I imagine companies wanting to proceed with a ‘blank slate’ mentality once the business world returns to a new normality.  Deep reviews of supply chains, customer interactions, staffing models and more should be expected. PNW companies need to be there and poised to have those conversations.

The PNW is resilient

The PNW has consistently demonstrated resiliency, I hope that PNW companies take the opportunit emerging from the crises with new learnings, new ways of working and a stronger sense of community and family.

Be well, stay safe and let me know how the BABC can help

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